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CoinBox 2.0 scrypt re-coded.
sale: [email protected]
 - fixed tiny problem, which disable faucet.
 - removed irritating notice of alert.
 - cosmetic release, more light day.
 - corrected problem in showing coin balance.
 - completed code to verify return of the shortlink.
 - added scrypt code, to ``hcaptcha, raincaptcha, solvemedia``.
 - re-structured page layout.
 - added iphub Alternative, proxy detection - free version.
 - removed code of users' payments.
 - corrected time counter, starting before of shortlink return.
 - fixed vulnerability with clean browser cache/history..!!
 - fixed 2 vulnerability again, with cleaning cache/history..!!
 - added register of all claimed shortlink, in the period of 24hs.
 - added code of return to 1 shortlink option, after 24hs.
 - fixed vulnerability with identical Ip and diferent address.
 - Added Ip dinamic, partial detection. Avoid various frauds.!!
 - Added exclusive Claim Competition.
 - ==> future, add support to others coins.